Organise Ethnopoly

Organising your own Ethnopoly

Originally, Ethnopoly was developed by the association ( in Zug. With one stop-over in Bern the game finally arrived in Geneva and it now continues spreading and multiplying from the different places.

Since 2013 the association Ethnopoly Suisse is coordinating supporting local organisations, who are carrying out their own Ethnopoly. Ethnopoly is a registered brand name. However, any organisation who would like to organise the game can do it easily and even get support. The only condition is to observe a few points:


  • Who is considering organising Ethnopoly, should first contact Ethnopoly Suisse  (
  • During a first common meeting, the most important questions can be answered and the next steps will be defined
  • The local team and Ethnopoly Suisse will sign an agreement, which defines the quality requirements of Ethnopoly
  • One person of the project team is supposed to become a member of Ethnopoly Suisse for at least 3 years (current membership fee: 30 Francs)
  • When the game is over, both partners discuss the lessons learnt of the project in a common meeting
  • The local team fills out a short report form (for documentation of the project) and shares photos, movies or other docuements that can be useful for other teams



The rules of Ethnopoly are very flexible and can always be adapted to fit the local realities. As a principle, the local team always remains fully responsible for the project. Ethnopoly Suisse is nevertheless happy to give support, for example by counceling about the possible options of the game but also for the practical organisation of the project. At the same time, Ethnopoly Suisse makes available any tools, concepts or other useful documents coming from earlier Ethnopoly editions. It can also connect a project team to representatives of other, similar Ethnopolys.


We are happy about every new Ethnopoly, which is born. However, any local team is of course free to decide to organise their project under a different name without any link to Ethnopoly. Specially in german speaking Switzerland, there also is a possibility to work together with  Mondopoly (, which is a very similar project, just with a slightly different definition of “culture”.